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Kaizen Kan

Bas-I Kyokushin Karate Organization Arizona Hombu


Kaizen Kan is a traditional Japanese Dojo, teaching Kyokushin Karate and Shin Shin Ryu Iai-Jutsu in Tucson, Arizona.  We are a member dojo of the Bas-I Kyokushin Karate Organization and the Shin Shin Kai.  For information on classes please contact us at:



Kyokushin kaikan (極真会館) is a style of stand-up, full contact karate, founded in 1964 by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (大山倍達) Kyokushinkai is Japanese for "the society of the ultimate truth." Kyokushin is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard training. Its full contact style has had international appeal (practitioners have over the last 40+ years numbered more than 12 million).

Judo (meaning "gentle way") is a modern martial art, combat and Olympic sport created in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano (嘉納治五郎). Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the objective is to either throw or takedown an opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue an opponent.

Shin Shin Ryu Iai-jutsu is a traditional Japanese sword art dating back to the feudal period.  The current Soke (Soke Yamada) is the 11th in the line, with the Hombu in Takayama, Gifu Ken, Japan.  Outside side Japan we are lead by International Remecho Carl McClafferty.  Kaicho McClafferty is a retired Chief Border Patrol Agent and teaches in the Tucson Area.




Training Schedule, Fees and Requirements.

For more information please contact us via the box below!

Beginning July 1, 2018

Kyokushin Karate (ages 8 and older)

  • Monday at 4:00 flexibility and kicking techniques

  • Tuseday at 5:30 to 7:00 pm, advanced class.

  • Wednesday at 5:30 & 6:30 pm

  • Friday at 5:30 pm.

  • Saturday at 12:00 & 1:00 pm

Kids Kyokushin Karate (5 to 7 years old, 45 min class)

  • Tuesdays at 4:30 pm

  • Wednesdays at 4:30 pm

  • Fridays at 4:30 pm

  • Saturdays at 11:00 pm

  • please inquire about details

Shin Shin Ryu Iai-jutsu

  • Thursdays at 4:00 pm

  • Organizational fess apply (Shin Shin Kai)

  • Classes will be added with interest

Kodokan Judo

  • Mondays at 5:00 to 7:00 pm

  • Thursdays at 5:00 to 7:00 pm

  • Organizational fees apply (USA Judo)

All Students are required to do the following:

  • Obtain the proper uniform and protective equipment with in 30 days of membership.

    • Karate: student or Bas-I Kyokushin Karate Official uniforms.

    • Judo: proper Judo uniform.

    • all uniforms must be clean and in serviceable condition.

  • Maintain an uptodate locator and waiver form.

  • Valid payment method on file.

  • Payment is due for the month on the agreed upon day-for that payment period.

Fees and Tuition, Unlimited Classes

  • First lesson is free!

  • Kyokushin Karate $120.00 month to month

    • Pre-pay 3 months $100.00 per month.

  • Kids Karate Program $100.00 per month

  • Kodokan Judo $100.00 per month.

  • Shin Shin Ryu Iaijutsu $75.00 per month.

  • Combined/Mixed Martial Arts Program! Kyokushin Karate and Kodokan Judo

    • Training 6 days a week

    • $150.00 month to month

      • Pre-pay 3 months $140.00 per month

      • Pre-pay 6 months $130.00 per month

  • Family/group rates : 1st at regular price and $50.00, additional family member.

  • Private lessons are $50.00 per hour with 5th or 6th dan instructor, $30.00 per half hour with a 4th dan instructor.

  • Drop ins $15.00 per training day, all programs.


Dojo  Etiquette

Beginning Class

When class is ready to begin, students will be asked to line up by the instructor/ senior student. Every student should line up immediately. The instructor/senior student will lead the class through a bow before training.

  • "Seiza" - Everyone should assume the formal kneeling position.

  • "Shinzin ni rei" - Bow to show respect the Shinzin.

  • "Mokusu" - Concentrate your breathing, close your eyes, and prepare for training

  • "Shihan ni rei" - Bow to show respect to the Shihan.

  • "Sensei ni rei" - Bow to show respect to the instructor.

  • "Sempai ni rei" - Bow to show respect to senior students.

  • "Otagi ni rei" - Bow to show respect to your fellow students.


Ending Class

When class ready to end the instructor will call the class to line up. The formal bow out is essentially the same as the bow in, except that the Dojo Kun may be recited.


  • Osu, always address the Sempai and Sensei's by their tittle (Osu Sensei, Osu Sempai)

  • 1st Kyu, Shodan (1st Dan) and Nidans (2nd Dan) will be addressed as Sempai.

  • Sandan (3rd Dan) and Yondan (4th Dan) will be addressed as Sensei.

  • Upon entering and leaving the dojo, bow and sound off with a strong Osu!

  • Bow before and after working with a training partner or when addressing an upper belt.

  • Treat everyone with respect, in and out of the dojo.

  • Pay proper respect to high ranking blackbelts, this including standing and bowing when they enter the room.

  • Never interrupt any blackbelt unless it is an emergency. Wait at attention until acknowledged.

  • If you need to leave the Dojo or arrive late, kneel and wait for the instructor to invite you to train.

  • If you are called upon in class to come to the front of the dojo or assist an instructor, do it quickly.

  • Do not ask for katas/waza or to be tested, you will be trained and tested when you are ready.

  • If you are asked a question always answer with Osu.

  • Never attempt to correct an upper belt.

  • The dojo is a place for training. Maintain respect for the dojo, the equipment and your fellow students.

  • Report all injuries immediately.

  • Do not use any equipment that you have not received instruction upon, including weapons, strike pads and makiwara.

  • Foul language and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Cell phones and pagers must be turned off prior to training. If there is an emergency requiring it to be turned on, please let the instructor know beforehand.

  • Always dress properly for all training . All jewelry must be removed prior to training.

  • No shoes or socks will be allowed on the Dojo floor.